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The company specialized for transporting art works realizes high-quality of customer satisfaction in internal and external international exhibition or museum service, gallery service, and transporting art works for a private exhibition service.
We are always ranked number one by our customers.
We add value to your precious art works from transport consulting to packing, transporting, installing, and storage.
> Transporting and installing art works in nation
> Transporting service for art works in nation
> Transporting and installing art works in abroad
> Wooden packing service for art works
> Customs clearance service for import and export
> Storage service for art works
> Marine/ Air transport service
> Insurance service for art works
> Transporting art works for gallery
> Internal/external planning and coordination for exhibition
> Transporting art works for museum
> Anti-swing constant temperature and humidity vehicle freight
Major Result
> Appointed company for transport and installation art works at Cheongju international crafts Biennale
> Transport and coordination for Yale Orchestra performance in Korea
> Transport and installation Venice glass art works for the glass castle in Jeju Island
> Transport equipments in abroad for KBS drama
> Transport art works for Incheon city festival
> Transport Venice mosaics for Gwangju Design Biennale
> Exhibition for celebrating 50th year of Korea/Australia diplomatic cooperation
> Transport and installation art works for Design Miami/Basel
> Transport and installation art works for Art Dubai
> Transport art works for Talente in Munchen, Germany
> Transport art works of Korean artist for furniture exhibition in Sweden
> Transport art works for gallery exhibitions or others
> Transport and installation art works for Embassy of Sweden Exhibition
> Transport art works for British Council
> Transport art works for American Council
> Transport art works for Glass Exhibition in Milan
> Magazzini del Sale Venice, Italy-March 2012
> Alinari National Museum of Photography_Florence, Italy
> Vanderbilt Hall_ Grand Central Terminal NY city
> Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew_London, United Kingdom
Packing for transport
National and international transport art works service
We provide the fastest and safest transport service with the experts of
Air transport/ Marine transport/ National transport.Our transport service guide you
to have a successful exhibition with convenience and safeness by anti-swing constant
temperature and humidity vehicle and special equipment
in transporting art works which dispute on time.
Please experience our know-how and service from transport expert.
Art works packing and wooden packing service
Our packing service is special.
We make your art works safe by from packing consulting to optimized packing know-how.
We upgrade the value of the art works.
Our service is more economic and safe by making our own wooden box for packing.
Please experience skillful art works packing expert, specialized packing material
and equipment, and safe and differentiated customer satisfaction service in DASAN ART.
Our own equipment and storage service
If you want to storage your art works or other cargoes,
we provide high-quality storage service with DASAN ART.
We provide special service from packing
to maintaining optimal storage circumstance to prevent damage.
We also provide various benefits if you use both transport and storage service.
National transport service for art works
Our own equipment and storage service
We primarily provide transport service for art works in small lots.
We provide domestic transport service by shuttle van for art works once in two weeks which is based in Seoul/ Ilsan/ Daejeon/ Daegu/ Gwangju/ Busan/ Jeju/ Gangwon

Contact Delivery
TEL. +82-2-333-6577
Email : john@dasanart.com
Internal and external branches
We have partnership with 150 countries so that we could have system to fix the problem occurring during transport immediately. We satisfy you by our best service Anytime! Anywhere! We always think from your point of view and provide convenient system for you. We will transport your happiness to anywhere you want.