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TNL is the best company in the field of emigration freight
TNL (Transport and Logistic) Global Freight has a goal for being the best in emigration freight, transportation and installation art packaging, packaging production and export cargo transport sector.
In fast-paced and highly competitive logistics industry, specialized in logistics services to customers TNL Group knows the only leading company can survive continuously.
So we always trying to offer the best services for the customers' satisfaction.
TNL has a global logistics network and advanced logistics process to ensure the acquisition and ongoing training and investment services through a worldwide logistics company.
Anywhere in the world with the logistics for the ㈜ TNL.
Selection of packaging technologists, the person in charge very skillful, sales representatives and international blue-chip partners responsible for the work, best business partners in abroad, efficient transportation services specialized in each areas at competitive prices for example, the best packaging materials and services as premium services.
We assure you we are reliable partner for you.
We offer special transportation services like import and export business, manufacturing special wooden box for export, differentiated storage services, customs clearance, delivery services, insurance claim processing and billing.
Through all services we offer, you can save your time and effort.
> Seoul Branch
B-403, 401, Yangcheon-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel : +82-2-333-9000 Fax : +82-2-334-9300
> Busan Branch
202-40, Main Street. Bosoo, Dongsan Building 302
Tel : +82-70-8635-4951 팩스번호 : +82-51-245-1278
> Slovakia (TNL Europe) company established
Branch Manager : Mr. Ladislav Holocsi
Address : P. Horova 7, 841 07 Bratislava, Slovakia.
TEL : +421-948-251-707
E-mail : europe@tnlgroup.kr
> Warehouse
Warehouse logistics 1 : Ilsan, Goyang, Gyeonggi seolmundong 158-23 (1600 ft 2 buildings)
Warehouse logistics 2 : art storage sujanggo-constant temperature, humidity / Dasan Art (150 ft 1 building)
Warehouse logistics 3 : 181-4 , gijangeup Gijanggun, Busan(100 ft 1 building)
2003.10.  Established logistics for TNL
2004.03.  Achieved Partnership for all across America
2004.04.  Business alliance with Europe since local INTERDEAN
2005.04.  Achieved International Logistics brokerage qualifications
2006.08.  Vehicles equipped with vibration-free -suits for transportation of art works.
2006.10.  Achieved World Freight Association (HHGFAA-IAM) membership                  qualification
2007.12.  Korea, Venezuela, Brunei Embassy recommended TNL for logistics                  company
2007.08.  Selected company for transportation and installation equipments in                  Cheongju International Craft Biennale.
2008.12.  Achieved Korea Freight Association (KOROMA) qualification
2009.08.  Selected company for transportation and installation equipments in                  Cheongju International Craft Biennale.
2009.08.  Fair & Festival Incheon 08 tube Transport and installation company for Italy
2011.08.  Selected company for transportation and installation equipments in                  Cheongju International Craft Biennale.
2011.09.  Participated in World Association IAM Denver annual meeting
2011.12.  Selected company for transportation in 2012 Art Dubai
2012.06.  Involved in installation art works in Design Miami / Basel in Switzerland
2012.09.  World Association IAM Washington annual meeting two weeks                  participating in the cargo
2012.10.  Signed for EURO MOVER (ISO 9001 ISO 14001 certification) Membership
2012.12.  Expansion and extension of warehousing in Ilsan specialized in export                  packing and art storage
2013.06.  Achieved freight cars, established branch in Busan
2013.07.  Established EUROPE TNL GLOBAL branch in Slovakia
2013.11.  Acquired freight cars (moving goods) qualification