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Television 29 inches or less 30-32 in. More than 32 inches CBM 
Kimchi refrigerator General
CBM Refrigerator large small CBM
Gas range CBM Gas oven range CBM
Humidifiers CBM Washer CBM
Dishwasher CBM Air conditioning Wall Stand CBM
Heater CBM Audio large small CBM
Computer chassis CBM Monitor CBM
Notebook CBM Printer CBM
Scanner CBM DVD large small CBM
VCR CBM Vacuum cleaner CBM
Water Purifier CBM Microwave CBM
Total household appliances  

Household Supplies
dishes CBM Quilt CBM
Rice CBM Stand CBM
Fitness Equipment CBM
Picture / Photo Frames small medium large extra large CBM
Gyojasang CBM Treadmill CBM
Dress CBM Toy CBM
Shoes CBM Bathroom CBM
Tool Box CBM Foodstuffs CBM
Golf Bag CBM Bicycle large small CBM
Total Household Supplies  

Wardrobe 6 characters 9 characters 10 characters 12 characters CBM
Table (chair) 2 people 4 people 6 people CBM
Sofa Single 2 people 3 persons CBM
Chiffonier 3단 4단 5단 6단 CBM
Cabinet small medium large CBM
Bed Single 2 people CBM Desk (including chair) CBM
Bookshelves CBM Bookcase CBM
Chair CBM Hanger CBM
Table large medium small CBM
Vanity large small CBM Hyeoptak CBM
Total household  

Book CBM
Piano General Grand Electron CBM
Other Total  

The unit of measurement is 1CBM.

1CBM the horizontal, vertical, height, each one about the size of a washing machine 1M.

Customers who wish to cargo moving more for each your entire CBM CBM can be calculated.

Even items such as capacity or number of days depending on the size of the difference in volume, so ask for a quote For more information, visit us more than we will calculate the estimate.

The total number