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> Preparation for immigration
·ID required for import clearance, academic papers, and purchase receipt
·If you want to bring your used car, you need an original document to certificate your or your family member’s possession.
·Car registration paper, temporary certification, certification of ownership, and preserve records (Japan)
·Packing list written down when packing the cargo

> Preparation after immigration
·Shipping documents given from the shipping company – Bill of Landing (B/L), Packing List (P/L)
·Declaration of moving items, letter of proxy, and your/ your family member’s immigration certification and passport copy
Dividing immigrants
> Immigrants
·Koreans who lived for more than 1 year overseas
·Koreans who are permanent resident and have overseas passport (passport type PR) wanting permanent homecoming
·Someone who wants to live in Korea more than 1 year for working
·Foreigners or foreign citizens who want to live in Korea more than 1 year
·Someone who has both Korean and foreign citizenships lived in other country or someone wanting to live in Korea more than 1 year
> Semi-Immigrants
·Korean who lived in overseas with their family more than 6 months
·Someone who is permanent resident or foreigner (including citizen) wanting to live in Korea more than 1 year with their family for working
Confirmation documents of residence period
Certification of immigration
·Permanent resident or foreign citizen
Certification of residence in Korea, employment contract or rental agreement including the period of residence
Certification of revoking a passport (if permanent immigrant)
Certificate of alien registration
·Dual nationality
Copy of resident registration, Certification of immigration, employment contract or rental agreement including the period
Items to declare customs
·Items which are new or used less than 3 months
·Car (including twowheeled vehicle having an engine of more than 50 CC)
·Guns (including shotgun and fake gun), crossbow, and knife (including knife for decoration)
·TV having more than 160 cm of LCD (diagonal length)
·Costly furniture (more expensive than 5,000,000 won each or 8,000,000 won in a group)
·Costly accessories like jewels (more expensive than 2,000,000 won each)
·Costly instruments like piano (including grand piano) and costly camera
·Fur clothing and golf club (full set, a wood or an iron putter)
·Items banning import/export
We provide the guide about moving overseas insurance, so please check and sign up to prepare for an accident.
Guide for buying insurance

1. Please appropriate value separately into C/T NO.
2. Please write down the insurance amount in USD.
3. Please submit evidential facts (photo), estimation for the repairs, and an insurance claim in a month if the cargo is damaged or lost.
4. Check the packing list given at the day of packing. The company and you each will keep it.
5. You can fix the cost of 부보. The amount of cost is related to the insurance fee.
6. In normal we appropriate the cost considering the first cost and using years.
7. We make up all risk and breakage for emigrant cargo.